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3 Remedies for Bad Tasting Tap Water

There’s nothing like a tall glass of cold water, but if your tap water leaves a bad taste in your mouth, potentially dangerous contaminants could be to blame. According to the City of Phoenix, contaminants that may be found in source water include microbes (like viruses and bacteria), salts, metals, pesticides/herbicides, and even radioactive contaminants. In the summer, algae growth in canals can create a musty odor and unpleasant taste. Water throughout Arizona is also particularly hard, meaning it has a high concentration of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals.

With all that being said, you can still enjoy clean, safe, cool, and tasty tap water no matter where you live in the Valley. With water purification treatments from Hays Cooling and Heating, you can ditch plastic bottled water for good and drink your tap water with confidence.

1. Reverse osmosis

A reverse osmosis system can filter water throughout your home, from the kitchen sink to your guest bathroom and everywhere in between. The reverse osmosis process begins by running water through a pre-filter to remove large particles like rust, dust, and dirt. Then, the activated carbon filter removes smaller particles and substances like chlorine, lead, and some bacteria. This part of the process has the most impact on the overall taste of your water.

Once it passes through the activated carbon filter, your drinking water enters the osmotic membrane and undergoes the process of reverse osmosis The thin membrane eliminates 95 percent of the remaining participles. Finally, your water passes through yet another activated carbon filter. This last post filtration step refines the taste of the water by catching any particles that may have managed to evade the other steps.

The benefits of reverse osmosis

Along with providing better tasting tap water, reverse osmosis can:

  • Help prevent your pipes from clogging due to excessive mineral buildup
  • Make your taps, showers, and faucets more efficient
  • Lower your water bill and extend the life of your appliances
  • Keep your showerhead from becoming clogged with water pressure-reducing mineral deposits

2. UV light filter

Even with multiple purification methods, microscopic bacteria can be extremely difficult to remove from your water. This is why many homeowners choose to treat their water with the power of UV light. A UV light purifier is set to a wavelength that scrambles the DNA of living organisms—like bacteria—so that they cannot reproduce in your water.

With an UV light, you can remove nearly 100 percent of harmful bacteria from the water in your home, making this one of the most effective solutions for purifying your water. UV light filters are often used alongside other purification methods, like reverse osmosis, for the cleanest possible water.

The benefits of a UV light filter

The benefits of installing a UV light filter to treat your home’s water include:

  • A “set and forget” system that requires only an annual UV blub change for maintenance
  • Low energy usage (a UV filter uses about the same amount of energy as a standard lightbulb)
  • Great tasting and odor free water without the use of chemicals like chlorine

3. Activated carbon towers

Chemicals like chlorine, herbicides, and pesticides can be very hard to remove once they have contaminated your water. To combat these substances, many water purification methods include activated carbon towers.

With activated carbon towers, your water will be subjected to carbon filtration, which is often called charcoal filtration. This filtration method will remove these chemicals from your water so that it is safe and clean.

The benefits of activated carbon towers

  • Long-lasting filters that are easy to maintain
  • Compatibility with other filtration systems like reverse osmosis
  • Adds important minerals back into the water to improve water quality
  • Generally more affordable than other water filtration solutions

Choosing the right water purification system for your home

With so many options available, it can be hard to make the call on which water purification system is right for your home. Here are a few steps to help you choose a great water purification system, and advice for scheduling an installation with the help of one of our plumbing experts.

Step 1: Test your home’s water

First, you’ll need to test your home’s water to determine what kind of contaminants you’re dealing with. Certain purification is more effective against specific contaminants than others, meaning you need to know the type of contaminants affecting your water supply. You can either call your water company to inquire about testing, find an independent lab, or, you can work with a plumber and get their expert recommendations.

Step 2: Target the right contaminants

Once you’ve learned the type of contaminants in your water system, you’ll need to decide which contaminants you want to eliminate. Not every contaminant in your water is dangerous, meaning you wouldn’t necessarily need a whole home water filtration system.

For example, if your water report reveals rust or bacteria, these are issues that need to be addressed. Other minerals, such as the kind that cause hard water, are safe to drink and should be a low concern. Knowing the contaminants you most want to remove from your water supply will help you choose your system.

Step 3: Look for a certified filter

If you’re like most homeowners, you want to make sure that your filter is of the highest quality possible. The best way to ensure that you’re purchasing a reliable filter is to choose a model that has been certified by either the Water Quality Association (WQA) or the Public Health and Safety Organization (NSF). Filters certified by these organization will be extremely dependable and will remove dangerous contaminants from the water in your home.

Step 4: Schedule a professional installation

To make sure that your purification system is installed correctly and will be able to clean the water in your home, you should make sure that you hire a professional installer. Any reputable plumber or water purification professional will be able to quickly install your purification system and will be able to give you tips for maintenance and optimal usage. They can also provide advice if you’re having trouble finding the right water filter for you.

Contact Hays for all your water needs

If you want to improve the taste of your tap water, the information above is a great way to find a solution. Whether you’re looking for a whole home filtration system or looking for a more localized option, our experts can help you make sense of everything that goes into producing safe, great tasting water for your home. Contact us to get started.

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