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Top 7 Signs of a Sewer Drain Clog

Seven signs of a sewer drain clog from an expert sewer drain cleaning company near meAre you worried that your drainage system is on its way to getting clogged?

If you dispose of your waste in an appropriate manner, then you shouldn’t worry about getting a clog any time soon. However, a sewer drain clog sometimes happens without warning.

Often, it’s because your neighbors don’t practice good waste disposal habits.

Simple acts like flushing foreign objects down the toilet or grease down the drain can sometimes clog entire city sewers. Other instances of clogs happen because of time passing, causing pipes to corrode and such.

Whatever the reason may be, once a clog happens, it’s going to be a pain to deal with. So, you need to stay one step ahead and nip the problem in the bud before it becomes worse.

Below are 7 telltale signs that point to a clogged drain. Read on to find out what they are.

1. Clogged Toilets

The first thing that often gets affected by clogged sewer drains are the toilets. Toilets often gurgle out dirty water when clogs happen. They also begin to make noise and often they bubble out gases from the sewers.

Most toilets also react when sinks, bathtubs, washing machines, and other household objects begin to pump water into the drain. Often, the toilet will fill up with more water than normal. If you notice this happening, then you can be sure there is a clog in the sewer drain.

Sometimes, it can only be your toilet having problems. So, it’s best to check if your toilet’s drain is the only one clogged before making any assumptions. A plunger is the best tool you can use in unclogging a toilet, a few pumps tend to be enough to push the clogs to the sewers.

Plumbers snake is also a great tool to unclog your toilet without a plunger. It reaches deep and can loosen the blockage enough to break it off of your pipes.

2. Jutting Tree Roots

Sometimes, your sewer drain system may stay in perfect working condition for years. Then you’ll start to notice it wane in its efficiency one day, and soon after, it stops working altogether. If this happens, check if there are any trees near the pipe systems.

Trees often have their roots penetrate the pipes if they grow big enough. It’s a slow process, but the drain pipes are not able to hold their own against the roots.

You will be able to notice trees are clogging the drains by checking the ground around them. Common neighborhood drain pipes are often buried close to the surface, roots will jut out or make bumps on the ground if they’re penetrating the pipes.

3. Noisy Plumbing Fixtures

Once a clog happens, certain plumbing fixtures often make noises. This is because it is sucking up the air to compensate for not being able to supply water.

The faucet will be the item that exhibits this best. You will start to hear a groaning noise coming from it when you turn it on. This is often followed by it sputtering some air or even dirty water. It’s also possible that it will vibrate in an unnatural way once it’s turned on.

Sometimes, the clog will be close enough to your sink that you’ll be able to use a drain auger to clear it. Before calling a plumber to take care of it, check to see if you’re able to remove the blockage yourself.

4. Noticeable Changes Around Your House

If you go out to your lawn and start to notice that some areas are changing at a rapid pace each day, it may be your house telling you that your sewer lines are in trouble.

The pipes that connect to your house often run close enough to the surface to impact your surroundings when they get damaged or compromised. These damages result in your lawn getting damaged as well.

You will see that there are bumps appearing all over the place, which mean water is trying to burst through. These bumps hold an enormous amount of pressure inside them, something minuscule like a small cut on it or even a simple nudge may be enough to make it burst.

Other times, you will see that some patches on your lawn become wetter than other areas. This means that the leak broke through to the surface.

In the event these happen to you, you should consider shutting off your water unless you want a huge water bill for the month.

5. Drains Backing Up

Having a drain back up is a common occurrence at home. Liquid drain cleaners tend to take care of the problem with ease. However, if you notice that it happens more often that it does, it may be a sign that you’ve accumulated enough gunk to cause a clog.

Liquid cleaners only soften the blockages your pipes have, they don’t melt or reduce it in any way. This means that, in the long run, enough gunk will clump together to block off the entire pipe. Call for professional help in case this happens to you.

6. A Tight Cleanout

Your cleanout can tell you if you have a clogged drain. You can find these special attachments around the outside of your house, and on rarer occasions, underneath your home like the basement or in the cellar.

If it’s outside your home, it’s safe for you to check it yourself. All you need to do is check to see if it’s loose or tight. A loose cleanout makes it so you can check the inside if there are any clogs close to it.

That said, you should watch your head if it’s tight. It means it’s holding a lot of pressure behind it. One wrong move can send it flying enough to give you a bump.

On the rare occasion that it’s underneath your home, it’s best to not disturb it. A high-pressure cleanout can flood your basement in a matter of minutes. Contact a sewer repair professional to deal with this problem.

7. Bulging Pipes

Some waste products release gases when mixed with other certain wastes. This can make pipes expand and bulge since they have nowhere else to go.

If you notice a pipe bulging around your area, contact some professionals as soon as possible. These may contain explosive or poisonous gases, mishandling them can result in a big disaster in the neighborhood.

Know the Signs of a Sewer Drain Clog Now

A sewer drain clog can become an expensive problem to deal with the longer it exists. Look out for these 7 signs and to watch out for them before they become worse!

Still thinking of ways to clean a pipe? Contact us here instead! We have the answers you’re looking for.

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