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Reasons to Consider a Rooftop AC Unit

rooftop AC unit

Our commercial customers often have rooftop AC units installed. These rooftop HVAC systems aren’t new. They’ve been used since the early 1900s, especially in dense urban neighborhoods where air conditioners couldn’t be installed between buildings. These packaged units contain all heating and cooling components along with compressors, fans, and coils. Below, we’ll discuss the reasons why a rooftop unit may be the best HVAC option for your building.

Why You Would Need a Rooftop AC Unit

Increase in Usable Square Footage

Other types of AC systems require components installed at ground level and in the structure, taking up valuable square footage. A rooftop AC unit is placed on the roof where few people go. That means more room for production, manufacturing, and storage indoors and decorative plants, seating areas, or recreational space outdoors. Depending on your property, you may even have room to construct a building addition.

All HVAC Components Are Installed in One Place

Technicians can service the unit at one location. This makes diagnosing and repairing HVAC problems faster and simpler. A contractor can also more efficiently perform maintenance on the system as all the components to check are in one place. Speedier service and the that all work takes place on the roof instead of indoors means fewer disruptions for your business. For residential customers with a rooftop unit, the technician may never need to enter their homes.

Faster and Less Complicated Installation

The components of a rooftop AC unit are typically produced and pre-installed in the factory. They’re usually optimized to the client’s specifications as well. Therefore, the system is easier for contractors to set up and often requires less labor to install than other systems.

A Rooftop AC Unit Is More Efficient

The components are all configured in the factory. Since they’re chosen based on the specific requirements of your property, they can be expected to run efficiently. The system should therefore consume less energy, so your utility bills may be reduced.

Economizers Are Built In

Efficiency can be further improved by selecting the desired type of economizer. Options include a dry bulb economizer that senses when outdoor air can be used for cooling and opens a damper accordingly. A single enthalpy economizer senses humidity levels while a differential enthalpy economizer measures return air and outdoor air to adjust dampers. A similar system that communicates with the thermostat is called an integrated differential economizer. When combined with carbon sensors, economizers can be used to improve ventilation and indoor air quality.

A Rooftop HVAC System Is More Secure

A rooftop unit is much more difficult to access than one at ground level. Therefore, it is less likely to be a target for theft and vandalism. These criminal acts can lead to costly repairs and replacements and lost production time.

Rooftop Units Have a Modular Design

Rooftop air conditioners can be installed as separate modules. Therefore, if one part of the structure requires more heating or cooling than another, you can set up the system to accommodate those needs. The system can also be expanded with more units whether the goal is to add more services or expand the building.

Quieter Environment In the Building

All the components are located above occupied spaces. When a rooftop system is installed properly, it will run quietly. In any case, the sounds it produces won’t be as noticeable indoors compared to when components are installed inside or along the outer perimeter of a building. Therefore, distractions are minimized.

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