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5 Plumbing Maintenance Tips That Save You Money

Plumbing Maintenance Tips to Save MoneyA typical household of four people uses 144,000 gallons of water on average every year.

With every flush and faucet turned on, your pipes are subjected to a barrage of pressure and debris.

We’ve put together a list of plumbing maintenance tips that will not only help you keep your pipes clean and running smoothly, but also ensure you spend less and keep your bills down.

Save Big with These Plumbing Maintenance Tips

The best way to avoid problems with your plumbing is to be proactive with your maintenance and habits.

Cleaning pipes and performing maintenance is both easier and cheaper in the long run. If you wait until there is a problem, it can mean entire areas of your home being dug up or broken to get to the pipes that have been affected.

1. Notice a Leak? Fix It Immediately

Showers and bathroom spouts are notorious for having a few leaks while running. In the more extreme cases, there will be a whole stream of water running away from the main flow.

Most people, however, do nothing about it because they don’t see a problem. They that it’s just a few drops of water here and there. Or that since they’re having a shower the walls are getting wet anyway.

But studies conducted by organizations like the EPA have shown that leaks in the average American household equal almost 10,000 gallons every year. The problem is that you never spend all your time watching your tap dripping so you’re only aware of it when you use it. But during all the hours you spend at work, sleeping, or watching TV, the tap is still dripping constantly.

This is not only a huge waste of water but it also contributes to your water bill. On average, fixing and sealing any leaks can save you up to 10% on your monthly bill.

That may not seem like a lot, but just like the dripping tap, the money you save can add up to a huge amount as the years go on.

2. Rethink Your Garden

Having your own garden is a lot of fun and it gives you a lot of opportunities to create a beautiful space for your home.

But it’s common for many of us to not think about the types of plants we’re buying and what effect they may have on our pipes. Often, we go for plants that we think will look pretty and help our yard stand out without thinking about their root systems.

Roots seek out water and will grow in the direction of any sources they can detect. Unfortunately, this means condensation on pipes or any small leaks will act as a magnet and attract the roots towards them.

Over time, the roots can wrap around the pipes or work their way inside causing blockages and, in worst case scenarios, cracks.

Fortunately, there are many gorgeous plants that have short roots making them perfect for yards. Camellias, rhododendrons, and even lilacs are all great options if you want to protect your plumbing and save an issue in the future.

3. Don’t Let Your Drains Clog

If you turn on the tap and the water flows away easily it’s normal to assume everything is working great—but that’s not always the case.

The problem with household drainage systems is that they can function well even with a lot of build up. It’s only when it becomes overly clogged with debris that the water starts bubbling back up at you and it struggles to drain. At this point, however, the gunk has already gotten out of control and you may need to hire a professional to fix it.

Over time, things like hair, grease, and tissue all build up and get harder to remove. So when your drains are working fine, that’s the right time to consider cleaning them.

By using drain maintenance products at least once a year, you’ll make it a lot easier for yourself and save potential costs in the future.

4. Upgrade Your Toilets and Showerheads

Another way to save money and reduce your water consumption is to invest in high-efficiency toilets and showerheads designed to minimize the flow of water.

Older models of toilets can use anywhere from three to seven gallons of water every single flush. It’s for this reason that toilet flushing accounts for up to 30% of a home’s water consumption.

The best models are designed to use a lower flow of water that can slash the amount used each time. These high-efficiency toilets can flush with as low as 1.28 gallons which can be a reduction of 50% or more compared to older toilets.


Equally, a water-saving showerhead can help you save even more water and cut gallons from each use. If you also take shorter showers, over time you will see a significant fall in your water bill with less water also putting less strain on your plumbing.

5. Get a Professional

Think of it like this, you can buy all the products yourself and spend hours trying to figure out where problems are arising to be fixed. You can spend a little bit of money to get a professional to quickly clean everything and keep it good condition. Or you can wait until a problem occurs and spend hundreds of dollars on repairs and replacements.

When thinking about your costs over time it’s always worth thinking about what will give you the best long-term value.

Be Proactive

These plumbing maintenance tips are great places to start if you are looking to save money and problems from arising in the future.

The steps you take now are the most essential. Check out our special promotions and book an expert service with us today.

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