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Clack WS1 Water Softener [Ultimate Guide]

Clack WS1 Water Softener InfoIf you live in Arizona, water softeners are incredibly important to the overall quality of your water. About 85% of Americans deal with hard water, which can wreak havoc on appliances, clothes, and other household items, not to mention your skin. It makes sense that as a homeowner, you want an efficient, easy-to-operate, low maintenance water softener that will prove to be an excellent investment for years to come.

If you have been seriously considering having a water softener installed or are looking to replace an underperforming water softener, you have probably seen rave reviews from water treatment professionals about the Clack WS1 water softener.

Let’s take a look at the highlights and features of the Clack WS1 to help you make an informed decision when installing a water softener in your home.

Highlights of the Clack Water Specialist 1” Valve Series

It is important to note that Clack doesn’t build an entire water softener. It builds the water softener valve, which is the central component of any water softener system. The WS1 is compatible with Potassium chloride, sodium chloride, potassium permanganate, chlorine, sodium bisulfite, and chloramines. It can be used with all different configurations of water softeners, from large water softeners used in commercial settings to residential water softeners found in Arizona homes.

The Clack WS1 water softener valve series was designed with careful consideration and feedback from installers, servicers, and customers to handle both residential and commercial applications. This state-of-the-art valve functions effortlessly to direct and regulate each cycle of filtration or water softening, from backwash and rinse to performing downflow regeneration.

With nine different injector sizes, each with different draw rates, the series has the ideal valve for just about any water softening or filtering need.

Here are some key product specifications of the Clack WS1 water softener to be aware of:

  • WS1 valves are made from Noryl® thermoplastic composite material, which is designed for higher flow rates (up to 27 gallons per minute), better flexibility in system design, and high resistance to corrosion. While these valves help to expedite the flow of water, but also can help you save money on water consumption.
  • One of the most challenging issues that water softener owners deal with is trying to determine why the unit is not working correctly? The home owner will spend hours trying to figure out what is causing the issue, eventually become frustrated and feel bad about calling the service professional to repair it. This model boasts a self-diagnostic display which shows error codes—taking the guesswork out of servicing the unit. This unique feature lets home owners quickly determine if the problem or error code is one that can be easily resolved, or if professional help is best suited.
  • We deal with thunderstorms and high winds in the Phoenix Valley – especially during the monsoon season. The unfortunate side-effect of these harsh weather conditions is the realistic potential of losing power for extended periods of time. Its built-in power supply allows for continued functioning during power outages for two hours. Other than time, the internal memory can retain settings for weeks.
  • Water is a precious commodity in the Phoenix Valley. This is likely why we pay incredibly high rates for water consumption. As such, trying to find ways of improving water use in an efficient matter is a constant struggle. It can also be expensive to maintain these systems, having to buy salt and water softener pills each month – not to mention trying to lift those 50-pound bags. To reduce the hardships mentioned above, this water softener has been designed to operate incredibly efficient, using less water and salt than many of its counterparts.
  • Being proactive about routine service, maintenance, and care of any major appliance helps to extend it’s lifespan and improve performance. A handy “Look Ahead” feature helps estimate your salt usage based on previous cycles. The system tracks your water usage for patterns and then adapts to those patterns so regeneration occurs at optimal times.
  • A major complaint about water softener systems is the energy it consumes while it regenerates. To meet this objective, the water usage is monitored by automatic metering, regenerating only when needed.
  • Everybody loves drinking water that tastes good. That’s a major reason why those of us living in the Valley purchase a water softener system in the first place. One item that can negatively impact the taste (by producing a salty flavor) is when the filtration media is not properly cleaned after a brine cycle. With the Clack WS1, media is thoroughly cleaned following the brine cycle with double backwash technology, limiting residual sodium.
  • A final frustration of many home owners is trying to access frequently used components that require maintenance, removal or replacement on most water softener systems. The top-mounted injector is easily accessible, making necessary maintenance a breeze.

The primary objective of the Clack WS1 Water Softener is to improve the overall efficiency, user-experience, and dependence on natural resources to operate, maintain, and use a water softener system. These intuitive, user-friendly features increase the reliability of the unit, boost homeowner satisfaction, and make maintenance easier.

Clack WS1 Water Softener Features

For almost two decades, the Clack WS1 Water Softener has been the industry standard when it comes to high-performing, high efficiency, long-lasting water softener performance.

Here are some of its key features:

  • The WS1 runs on a solid-state microprocessor with easy access to the settings on the front panel. There is also a handy manual built into the faceplate, so you can quickly find the information you need without digging around for the paper manual.
  • There are three operation modes: meter immediate, meter delayed, or time clock delayed. You can choose the mode of operation that fits your specific needs.
  • As mentioned above, the double backwash feature helps keep the unit clean and also provides optimum regeneration, which keeps the unit running at peak efficiency.
  • Based on the control valve setting, the WS1 allows for thirty-six pre-programmed regeneration cycles, allowing you to choose the cycle that coincides with your schedule and level of water usage.
  • The WS1 has a 1” porting, which is larger than most water treatment valves, to maximize water flow to your taps.
  • This valve series has a Days Override feature, so you can set the override anywhere from one to twenty-eight days, depending on your water usage.
  • The WS1 has backwash and brining capability for tanks up to 21” in diameter.
  • Downflow/upflow regeneration is utilized to ensure that full softening capacity is attained.
  • System operation and configuration data is stored in non-volatile memory, so the data is not lost when there is a loss of power.
  • Backup using a Coin Cell lithium battery allows for an eight-hour carryover of the time of day. Should you have to reset the time, it is easy to do on the control display.
  • The 12-volt AC adapter allows for easy, safe installation.
  • The intuitive design of the control valve allows for optimal backwash and service rates, increasing efficiency and saving you money.
  • Enjoy years of trouble-free service from pre- or post-treated (soft) water regenerant refill and a reliable, proven DC motor.

Final Thoughts

Home owners throughout the Phoenix Valley spend a lot of money, time, resources, and effort in keeping their major appliances and hope operating equipment running in tip-top shape. This includes the water softening systems that help to convert our poor-quality water into something that is usable. When looking for the best Arizona water softening solutions, the WS1 water softener products provide value, efficiency, and long-term reliability.

If you are looking for water softener installation in Phoenix, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Our water quality professionals have tons of resources and can help you determine the water softener options that would be best for you.


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