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Why Are Bradford Water Heaters So Popular in Phoenix?

why are bradford water heaters popular

Homeowners in Phoenix and Scottsdale have come to rely on the best overall value that Bradford Water Heaters provide. While finding out it’s time to replace your water heater isn’t always great news, with new technology you may find you are saving money in the long run.

When you know you need a water heater installation in Phoenix it’s important to consider the benefits of Bradford White. Their hot water heater technology is safer, more efficient, and longer lasting than the competition.

Here’s what makes their products so unique:

Take a Look Inside of a Water Heater

Taking a look inside a water heaters reveals that not all systems are made the same. One reason homeowners and plumbing professionals choose Bradford White is the wide range of options.

Depending on your needs for usage, energy demand, and efficiency you may choose between electric, gas, and hybrid models.

Also, Bradford water heater reviews are high because they have so many models and capacities to choose from. 50 and 80 gallons, and tankless options, are a few examples.

Safety First

No matter which water heater you choose, safety has to be the biggest concern. With contents under pressure, high energy demand, and the possibility of gaseous emissions, a water heater can be a dangerous piece of equipment.

If your water is too hot, or the gauges are undependable, your family and children could suffer burns. But you could also risk fire damage and other dangers with a sub-par water heater.

Water heaters can explode or cause massive fires. With a commitment to safety first, Bradford White products protect your home and family.

Ultra Low Gas Emissions

In addition to the safety precautions about pressure and fire protection, Bradford White goes one step beyond the competition. The have developed an Eco-Defender Safety System to keep consumers and businesses protected.

These systems utilize an advanced radiant gas burner and advanced control system. The result is hot water system operations ultra-low NOx gas emission.

With Bradford White, you’ll benefit from new safety technology as well as high-efficiency performance.

Efficient Enough for EnergyStar

EnergyStar is the EPA program that helps businesses and consumers save money and protect the environment. Their information is unbiased and credible and helps all of us make decisions on the best products for our homes and businesses.

Bradford White is unique among water heaters. Beyond the dependable service, their hybrid models are EnergyStar certified.

Their efficiency delivers. Unlike the competition, Bradford White converts more of their energy use to hot water for you and your family.

Keeping your showers short is only one way to help the environment and lower your energy bills at home. With a solid EnergyStar rating, your new Bradford White system will be saving money as well.

Backed by a Great Warranty

A hot water system is the lifeblood of a home. Between laundry, showers, doing dishes, and getting grimy hands clean, all of us depend on hot water to keep our homes running right.

And while it may be an ideal time to replace a hot water system, no one likes unexpected surprises when it comes to housing budget.

The solid Bradford White warranty is another reason homeowners have come to depend on the brand. You’ll be able to predict energy bills and usage.

You’ll also know you have a dependable system for years to come.

Lined With VitraGlas Enamel

High temperatures and high pressure are great for providing your home with hot water whenever you need. Unfortunately, these aspects also can do great damage to the inside of a water heater.

The pressurized water inside your water heater can eat away the lining of your system. Without the right protection, your hot water heater might destroy itself far too fast.

Bradford White solves the longevity issue with traditional hot water heaters by lining their systems. Their water heaters are lined with VitraGlas enamel.

VitraGlas enamel will protect the interior of the water heater for years to come. By protecting the inside of a water heater with new technology, Bradford White delivers longevity.

Hydrojet Performance System

The heat and pressure inside your water heater are only a few of the dangers to the lifespan of your equipment. But another reason Bradford White water heater reviews are consistently high is because the company anticipates issues and resolves them.

Hydrojet engineering in Bradford White water heaters keeps their systems running clean and efficiently. This technology rids the water heaters of sediment.

Even small sediment deposits can impact efficiency and performance. Hydrojet technology in Bradford White systems ensures long life and great performance.

Protection Inside and Out

With all the possible risks from a water heater, it’s no wonder Bradford White has spent extra time protecting their clients. But while competitors might focus solely on the inside of a hot water heater, Bradford White goes the extra mile.

Flammable vapors from a spill outside a water heater can spell disaster when they ignite. Bradford White’s Defender Safety System heads off this danger by sensing the trouble and shutting down the system.

With the Defender Safety System, your hot water heater will have protection beyond the lining of the tank.

Match the Equipment to The Service

While finding out about the benefits of Bradford is a great start, homeowners need to go further to get the best overall value. You can’t rely on Bradford White water heater reviews alone.

To get the most from your new water heater you need the best installation and the best service to match. Your new Bradford White will be dependable and secure when installed and serviced by Hays Cooling Heating and Plumbing.

Like Bradford White, Hays has great customer reviews so you know you are getting the best service.

Find Out More About Bradford Water Heaters

No two water heaters are the same. And no two models of Bradford Water Heaters are the same either.

Knowing the great value isn’t the same as knowing which model is best for you. That’s where Hays comes in.

Our expert staff and sales service can help you find the best solution for your home. Plus, you will have the comfort of knowing our installation and service can back up the product.

Contact Hays today to find out more about Bradford White.

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