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What Happens During an Air Conditioner Tune Up?

What do you get with an air conditioner tune up in Phoenix AZ?On average, homeowners in America spend around 3 percent of their home’s total value on maintenance. Failing to provide a home with the maintenance it needs is a recipe for disaster. The last thing you want is for the vital systems in your residence to break down due to a lack of care.

Maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature is something most homeowners take for granted. If you ignore the maintenance needs of your HVAC unit, it is only a matter of time before repair issues surface.

During the summer months, your HVAC unit will get quite the workout. Hiring a reputable professional to perform an air conditioner tune up can help you keep your unit reliable. Attempting to service your own unit will lead to lots of mistakes being made.

The following are some of the things a technician should do during the air conditioner tune up process.

The Air Conditioner Tune Up Should Start With a Check of Refrigerant Levels

Most homeowners are so accustomed to their HVAC unit working that they don’t know how to act when problems occur. One of the most important parts of your HVAC system is the refrigerant. Without proper levels of refrigerant, your unit will be unable to produce cool air.

One of the first things a technician will do when hired to maintain a residential HVAC unit is to check the refrigerant levels. If the refrigerant in the unit is low, chances are there is a leak that needs to be addressed.

A certified HVAC technician will have no problem finding and fixing the leak in question. Once this leak has been taken care of, the technician will top off the refrigerant in the unit.

Keeping the Condenser Coil Clean

A residential HVAC unit has both an inside and outside portion. One of the most important parts of the outdoor portion of your unit is the condenser coil. The refrigerant in your unit will pass through this coil on a regular basis.

Often times, the condenser coil will become covered in dirt and other substances due to its exposure to the elements. Allowing this part of the unit to stay covered in debris can lead to energy efficiency issues. This is why allowing professionals to clean it during a tune up is so important.

A technician will have no problem washing and cleaning the coil in a hurry. Once they are done performing this work, you will probably notice a change in your unit’s efficiency levels.

Checking the HVAC Unit’s Electrical Components

The HVAC unit in your home has a number of different electrical components. In order for your unit to come on and operate efficiently, these components will have to work correctly. During the tune up process, an HVAC technician will check the contractor inside of your HVAC unit.

When testing these electrical components, the technician will be looking to ensure that the electrical current is flowing properly. If any breaks in the electricity occur, it generally means the contractor needs to be replaced.

By detecting these issues early on, the technician can help you avoid a lot of headaches. If this contractor goes out during the dog days of summer, it can lead to uncomfortable temperatures inside of your home. The money paid to an HVAC technician for this type of work will be worth it considering the problems they can help you prevent.

Inspecting the Condenser Fan Motor

When cool air is produced by your HVAC unit, it is the job of the condenser fan motor to blow it through your vents. As time goes by, the capacitors that power this motor may start to weaken. Allowing these capacitors to go out completely will lead to the inability to get cool air into your home.

When a technician is hired to tune up a residential unit, they will spend a lot of time inspecting and testing the condenser fan motor. This is because without a functional fan, an HVAC unit will be rendered useless.

If the technician does discover problems with this fan, you need to let them perform repairs immediately. The longer you wait to get issues with a condenser fan addressed, the higher the risk becomes of it going out completely.

Flushing the Condensate Drain

Most homeowners fail to realize how much condensation their HVAC unit produces. The reason why they are unaware of this moisture is due to the fact that their condensate drain is functioning properly. As time goes by, this drainage system may begin to clog up and will need to be flushed.

Failing to flush and clean this drainage system can lead to problems like water damage and even the development of mold and harmful bacteria. An HVAC technician will have the tools and the experience needed to flush this drain completely.

As the flush the drain, the technician will inspect the drain lines to ensure they are free of mold and other obstructions. With their assistance, you can keep your HVAC unit running like a well-oiled machine.

Checking and Changing Air Filters

The cornerstone of any good running HVAC unit is proper air flow. If this airflow is restricted, it will lead to the unit getting overworked.

Having clean air filters is an essential part of keeping the right amount of air flowing through the HVAC system. This is why an HVAC technician will check and change out dirty filters if needed.

Choosing the Right Professionals to Work With

The main thing you need to do to ensure the success of an air conditioner tune up is to find the right professionals. Selecting a company with a great deal of previous experience is a wise decision?

Are you in need of professional HVAC maintenance and repairs? If so, contact us now to find out more about the services we offer.


When it comes to air conditioning, Phoenix AZ residents look for the best air conditioning maintenance specialists to keep their units running strong, even in triple-digit heat! Our trusted professionals work hard to provide you with exceptional service at a fair price.

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