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Powerful Heat Pumps: Complete Guide to Trane Heat Pumps

Best Trane Heat PumpsLooking for a way to heat up your home?

There are a lot of brands who boast that they are the best when it comes to home-based heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning. Their heat pumps may be good enough to keep you and your home warm for the coming winter.

However, “good enough” might not save you from blizzards or the hottest summers. If you’re looking for the best, then Trane is the brand for you.

Trane is one of the top HVAC manufacturing brands in the market. Despite having such strong competition, people still choose Trane heat pumps to provide themselves with warmth during the cold season.

Wondering why people hold them in such high regard? Read our Trane heat pump review below to find out why consumers prefer Trane above other brands.

Energy Efficiency

Unlike most heat pumps, heat pumps made by Trane make use of electricity instead of propane. In fact, many recognize them as the most efficient among the top HVAC brands.

Their heat pumps have a high HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) compared to other brands. It’s the rating HVAC companies use to determine the energy efficiency of a heat pump. The higher the rating, the hotter it is and the lower the usage cost is.

Depending on where you are, you’ll need a heat pump to counteract the cold. Trane has different models of heat pumps for whatever HSPF you need for your home. This makes sure you have an affordable choice where ever you are.

Top Notch Durability

Trane manufactures its heat pumps using steel for the frames which help it resist most damage that comes its way.

Its internal parts are often made from the standard industry materials. However, Trane tries it’s best to come up with better, more durable components made from different materials.

The company experiments in using other materials such as carbon fiber and reinforced synthetic materials not only to increase their heat pump’s durability but to try and make their units lighter as well.

Surfaces of their units are also covered with a powdered material after manufacturing. This makes the unit more resistant to simple damages like scratches or light dents.

Extreme Resilience to the Weather

Heat pumps tend to be too big to fit inside a room in your house. So, people tend to place them outside close to the house instead, leaving the unit at the mercy of the elements. Trane knows this and made several tests to make sure their units are up to contend with nature.

Trane tests their heat pumps in a specialized lab in Texas. This particular lab subjects the machine to 15 weeks of simulated extreme weather conditions. For 2,600 hours straight, the heat pump becomes exposed to extreme heat and cold.

Once a machine passes the test, its entire batch becomes approved for shipping. If it doesn’t, they recall the entire batch to make sure everything is up to company standards. This makes sure what arrives in your home can withstand how cold it will be once winter comes along.

The Interface is Easy for New Users

The interface of a Trane heat pump is simple and easy to understand. New users will find themselves having little trouble understanding its basic functions.

It makes it a great choice if you’re worried about causing damage to your units through overuse. You can read the temperature with ease, and adjusting it is simple.

Buying a Trane heat pump also gives you a user manual for its more advanced functions. This makes it possible for you and those who like to tinker to revert any mistake you may commit while experimenting.

It’s also easy to perform a quick troubleshoot on their heat pumps. The interface also has some advanced diagnostics on it. Provided you know how to understand it, fixing the unit’s problems will be a breeze.

Multi-Functioned Heat Pumps

Trane’s line of heat pumps also supports a rare feature. Their heat pumps can also act like an air-conditioning unit.

It does so by detecting the temperature of the air outside compared to the air inside your home. Using the given information, it directs the hotter air out to the colder atmosphere.

The moment it’s hotter inside your home, the unit pumps the heat to the outside. Reducing the heat found inside your home.

Quieter Pumping

People love Trane’s heat pumps because they’re made to fit a family home. Not only are the units safe, but they are also quiet.

Many heat pumps have a constant background noise when it pumps in the heat or vice versa. What Trane did to solve this problem was soundproofing their products. They place sound-insulating material on the inside of their products.

Variety of Choices

The reason people love Trane’s line of heat pumps is that they have a wide selection to choose from. Different models have their own sizes, and each size has their own recommended house size to make sure that its heating feature reaches its optimum capacity.

How much does a Trane heat pump cost? Each model has its own price range regardless of size, and most of them are quite expensive. The good thing about it is other models will likely fit your price range if the one you want is too expensive.

It’s also worth noting that Trane heat pump prices have lowered throughout the years. According to older buyers, they were even more expensive 10 years prior. So, it may face another price reduction again soon.

How to Get the Best Trane Heat Pump Experience

To make the most of your Trane heat pumping product, you should make sure to hire a professional to install it.

Many of the negative reviews their heat pumps have gotten were due to poor installation. Most people think they can do it on their own. These pumps are quite complicated, one wrong move can lead to it breaking sooner than expected.

That said, if it does break without tampering, you have some great warranty opportunities. Their warranty lasts as long as 1 year and can extend to 20. They offer special deals that can extend that even further, from as short as 5 years to a lifetime warranty.

Also, if you frequent the air conditioning function, make sure to keep the unit clean. There are many reasons to clean your AC and one of them is to prevent it you home from getting polluted.

Get Your Home Heated with Trane Heat Pumps Now

People prefer Trane heat pumps, and now it’s easy to understand why. Get your own pump now!

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