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Signs It’s Time for Air Conditioner Replacement

Phoenix is renowned for its intense summer heat. Without a working air conditioner, your home can be as sweltering as it is outside, which is a dangerous situation. But that’s not all. A unit that’s due for replacement can be expensive to maintain and repair, not to mention drive up your monthly energy bills. There are many benefits to installing a new system, so here are a few common signs you should consider AC replacement:

Your Air Conditioner Has Reached a Ripe Old Age

An air conditioner typically lasts around 9 to 12 years in Arizona’s harsh, dry climate. You may not immediately have to replace a unit in that range, but you should start thinking about it. The older the unit, the less efficient it usually is. Aside from providing insufficient cooling, it can cool your home unevenly and otherwise decrease comfort, so you’re paying more for less.

A well-maintained AC will generally last longer. However, the more frequently it’s run and the dirtier the environment around it, the more wear and tear there will be. Improperly installed and sized units also don’t last as long.

Frequent Repairs

Air conditioner repair can cost a couple hundred to thousands of dollars. The expenses can add up quickly when you factor in the cost of parts and labor. That’s why if you’ve had two or more repairs in the past year, it’s time to think about air conditioner replacement, as it will save you money in the long run.

The decision also depends on the type of repair needed. If the evaporator or compressor fails, replacing the system may be more cost-effective. These parts generally have a long life span, but if one fails, the other soon will likely too. But if just one or two smaller components are needed, a repair can keep the system going for longer.

Generally, if the cost of repairs exceeds the cost of replacement or half the price of a new system, go with AC replacement.

Decreased Energy Efficiency

Wear and tear make an older air conditioner work harder to cool a home. Therefore, it uses more energy. To compensate for poor cooling, you might lower the thermostat, which can further increase your energy bill. Newer air conditioners are more energy efficient, so you can spend less each month on your utility bill. Those with a high seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) offer the most potential savings, while tax credits and rebates from government agencies and utilities can help you save even more.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

More dust in the air, increased allergies, and higher humidity can all point to a failing air conditioner. If you notice these issues in your home, consider the age and health of the system. Also, consider the issue at hand; if there’s a refrigerant leak, there could be an immediate risk to your family’s health. Water buildup can be problematic as well, as it’ll allow mold to grow. Air conditioner replacement can eliminate these issues by improving air filtration and ventilation.

Has Your Time Come for an AC Replacement?

An older AC may create temperature, humidity, and air quality issues in your home. But these aren’t the only signs it’s time to replace it. A failing unit may have reduced airflow, make loud noises, or emit a musty or smoky smell. Plus, decreased efficiency and frequent repairs could be costing you more than a new system.

By consulting your local HVAC contractor about air conditioner replacement, you can see improved efficiency, performance, and indoor air quality. Hays Cooling, Heating & Plumbing is top-rated for AC installation and repair. Our licensed installers and service professionals work with clients across the Phoenix area. To schedule air conditioning service in your home, call 602-932-6856 today.

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