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Everything You Need to Know About Air Purifiers

Take a deep breath—does the air in your home leave you feeling stuffy or sneezy? Pollutants can wreak havoc on indoor air quality. That includes everything from dust and pet dander to viruses, bacteria, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Along with bad smells, poor air quality can cause respiratory symptoms and exacerbate conditions like asthma and allergies. Fortunately, air purifiers are designed specifically to trap dangerous air pollutants and keep them from circulating throughout your home.

The market is full of air purifiers touting their effectiveness, but before you add one to your cart, it’s important to learn about the technology behind home purification systems.

Types of air purifiers

There are several types of air purifiers, and each use its own unique filtration system to remove harmful particles from the air we breathe. Some are better than others at removing certain kinds of pollutants—so finding the right purifier for your home could come down to comparing your options. The most common types of air purifiers include:

HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters

HEPA is a special designation for filters that can trap at least 99.97% of all particles larger than 0.3 microns. HEPA filters are very effective at trapping airborne particles like mold, viruses, and bacteria. However, they do not remove odors or chemicals unless they’re fitted with special activated carbon-based material.

Ionic air purifiers

Ionic air purifiers emit negative ions into the air, which then bond with positively charged airborne particles like dust. This makes the particles too heavy to remain in the air, causing them to fall. They’re extremely effective at removing nearly all forms of pollutants from the air, but they do not remove odors.

Ozone generators

As their name suggests, ozone generators produce ozone, which then reacts with pollutants to neutralize them. However, ozone generators have been scrutinized after studies conducted by the EPA found that even low levels of ozone can worsen asthma, emphysema, and bronchitis. If anyone in your home has one of these conditions, it’s best to steer clear of an ozone generator.

Electronic air cleaners

Air cleaners are whole-home solutions that work with your existing HVAC system. They use the power of static electricity to trap harmful airborne particles. While a professional installation is required, an electronic air cleaner is one of the most thorough and efficient ways to purify the air in your home.

UV light filters

UV air purifiers use a UV lamp to damage and destroy pollutants as they pass through the system. They’re commonly paired with a HEPA filter to improve their ability to destroy a wide range of particles, although they’re plenty effective at killing viruses and bacteria on their own.

ActivePure® Technology: A revolution in indoor air quality

If you’re looking for top of the line air purification for your home, ActivePure® Technology offers top-of-the-line solutions such the Aerus Hydroxyl Blaster and the Air Scrubber Plus. These revolutionary new indoor air quality enhancing systems are designed to significantly reduce all the following causes of poor indoor air quality:

  • VOCs
  • Air pollutants
  • Pollen
  • Dust
  • Mold
  • Odor-causing bacteria
  • Odors from pets
  • Odors from cooking

This system freshens, cleans, and purifies the air inside your home using specialized germicidal UV light wave technology infused with a unique and proprietary catalytic process that establishes enviro-scrubbing molecules of hydrogen and oxygen – just like trees and plants do daily. This technology has even been proven to destroy airborne viruses, bacteria, and mold.

Hays Cooling, Heating & Plumbing has been a go-to source for air purification solutions throughout the Valley, and we’re proud to bring the valuable innovations from ActivePure® Technology to countless homes and businesses alike. If allergens and pollutants have you feeling down, and you need a powerful and lasting solution to end your air quality woes, contact us to learn more about bringing the ActivePure® Technology to your home.

More ways to improve indoor air quality

Along with installing an air purification system, you can noticeably improve the air quality in your home with a few simple tweaks. Here are three additional ways to improve your indoor air quality:

1. Change your filters regularly

The easiest way to banish dust and dirt from your home is to change your air filters regularly. When filters become clogged with debris, they won’t be able to effectively filter the air. This not only worsens indoor air quality, but also decreases the overall efficiency of your HVAC system. Try and aim to replace your filters at least every 30 days for the best results.

2. Flex your green thumb with houseplants

Adding some greenery to your home is a great way to liven up the space, and it can also help you breathe easier. NASA and other organizations have studied the effects of houseplants on indoor air and concluded that some species can filter out common pollutants. Next time you take a trip to the garden center, look for these plants to help improve your home’s air:

  • Aloe vera
  • Gerbera daisy
  • Snake plant
  • Golden pothos
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Red-edged dracaena
  • And more

3. Keep up with home maintenance and upkeep

From regular chores to professional appointments, keep the following in mind to prioritize indoor air quality in your home maintenance tasks.

  • Vacuum and dust your home regularly
  • Be on the lookout for drafty doors and windows, which can let pollutants enter the home
  • Have your ducts inspected for leaks and cleaned by an HVAC professional every year
  • Have your HVAC system maintained twice a year, in the cooling and heating season
  • Use your kitchen fan while cooking to help reduce food odors
  • Use your bathroom fans to help curb the development of mold and mildew
  • Regularly clean bedding, curtains, and other fabrics in your home, as they can harbor allergens like pet dander
  • Keep your home free of clutter that can attract and trap dust

Air quality questions? It pays to call Hays

Whether you’re in the market for an air purifier or just want to consult with a professional about how to improve your home’s air quality, the experts at Hays are here to help. Contact us to get started.

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