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Common Air Conditioning Myths

Air conditioners have been widely used in homes since the 1950s. But many people still have misconceptions that contradict how they work. In fact, some fallacies can cost you money and are even harmful to your AC system. We have compiled this list of common air conditioning mythsto set the record straight.

A Bigger Air Conditioner Will Do a Better Job

This can be costly to assume. Air conditioners are rated based on the square footage they’re designed to cool. If your AC is too big, it will cycle too frequently, causing it to wear out sooner. The system will also use more power, costing you more in energy usage.

Closing Vents Wastes Less Air

Don’t close vents even if you’re not using a room. The blower will still move the same amount of air, so closing vents will create an imbalance in air distribution. The ducts will fill with more air, which can increase system pressure and wear.

A Lower Thermostat Setting Will Cool My Home Faster

This common air conditioning myth has been around a long time. Setting the thermostat really low won’t cool your home any faster. An AC works equally hard no matter what the thermostat setting is, so it’s best to choose the exact temperature you want.

Leave the Temperature Setting the Same to Save Money

There are times you don’t need it as warm or cool, so this is wrong. You can lower your energy bill substantially by setting the temperature a few degrees higher when away. Keep it as close to 78℉ as possible when home. Every degree counts.

I Can Put My Thermostat Anywhere

Thermostat placement isn’t often strongly considered. It should of course be where you can reach it. But the best location is on an interior wall, unobstructed by furniture, away from windows, doorways, skylights and, most importantly, direct sunlight.

Air Conditioners Consume Refrigerant

Too many people think they need to “top off” refrigerant. An air conditioner does not consume refrigerant; it merely circulates it to absorb heat. Overcharging an AC can cause serious damage and, if coolant is low, there’s probably a leak.

The AC Filter Cleans the Air

An AC filter’s main purpose is to protect your air conditioner. While it does trap dirt, dust, and particles, you can’t judge the filter’s condition by whether there’s dust in your home. A dirty filter restricts airflow (reducing efficiency) and dirt that gets into components can seriously damage them.

A Little Ice Is Normal

Air conditioners cool things down, so many people think it’s normal to see ice. But there should never be ice visible on any part of an AC. If you see it on the evaporator coil or anywhere else, call a repair technician.

If an AC Is Still Running, Don’t Get a New One

People often wait until their air conditioner fails before looking for a replacement. We know AC replacement is costly. But before your system fails, it will decline in performance and cost you in repairs and low efficiency. Investing in a new one can save you over time.

A Fan Makes Your Home Even Cooler

Ceiling fans don’t lower air temperature. However, evaporation from your skin makes it feel a little cooler, so you can raise the thermostat a few degrees, turn on the fan, and feel the same. This reduces the demand on your AC.

There’s No Need for Service If Your AC Seems Fine

It may not seem like your AC has any issues. But skip regular service, and that won’t be true for long. An annual inspection and tune up not only prevents major problems. It improves efficiency, extends the life of your system, and conforms with the terms of most warranties. People also assume ACs are always ready for summer, but they need to be prepped at the start of the season.

Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance/Repair Today

Ignoring the air conditioning myths above and believing the truth can protect your AC, comfort, and wallet. Proper care can prevent serious issues. Reach out to Hays Cooling, Heating& Plumbing whenever you notice signs of trouble, such as an AC blowing warm air, short cycling, or making noise. Our trained technicians are ready to help. Schedule service online or call 602-641-4473 today.

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